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Are you making enough effective fundraising effort?


You’re busy. Too much on your to-do list, not enough hours in the day.

If fundraising is just one of your responsibilities, having a SYSTEM in place can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

The weekly effort you make is key - not just to your fundraising success, but so you can balance all your responsibilities.

There seems to be no end to what has to be done in our fundraising - asking donors, building relationships, cultivating new potential.

You need be making enough donor moves (calls, emails, texts, meetings) and asks. The relationships need to be warm. Or else the ask will be ineffective.

So what's the simple 'rule of thumb' to know if you're making enough effort so your donors will be giving - נותן noten?

Is 5 'donor moves' a day enough? נו - No! So how many? תן - Ten

תן - Ten moves a day is what you need, so you're donors will be נותן noten!


Pro tip: Whether it’s seven, ten or fifteen moves a day, the question to ask yourself is - Am I making enough focused moves each day to grow my existing supporters and get new donors on board?


Only you will really know. But you have to drive yourself to succeed. And for that, a system in place will go a long way.


It could be that feeling you get after working uninterrupted for a solid hour or two in your FR, when you feel really accomplished.


Knowing your number is key - Some days it may be more, and some less. Some days could be more focused on fundraising, while some days will be focused on other key roles.


Your job is to find your own rhythm in what works for you. But keep evaluating, week in week out, whether you need to add more efforts moving forward.


I'd be interested to hear how you structure your fundraising in your week?


B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba. May you give many people the opportunity to נותן noten to you this week.



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