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How to Get New Major Donors


Here's one way to get new major donors to your project. I call it 'gold mining'.

Where you've struck gold (major donors) once before, can often be a great place to look for more gold.

There is a simple way to do this.

Look at your present and past major donors, that are major to you.

With each and every major donor ask yourself if there were People, Opportunities or Places that were successful in bringing in a major donor in the past?

If you were to go back there, could it bring you new valuable outcomes?

Let's look at this one by one.


People - How did this person became a donor? Who introduced you to them? or How did you get to them?

If they were introduced to you - What motivated that person to make that intro the first time around?

e.g They owed you a favor - They loved your project, are not a big donor themselves, but are connected - They are a major donor with great connections.

Can you ask them again?


Opportunities - Was there a specific project or opportunity that existed that got you major support? Could you re create this opportunity in a similar or different way that could get major support again?

e.g You ran a campaign, and this person helped you complete your campaign with the last 10K - You ran an event that this person underwrote - This person made a challenge grant for one of your projects. 

Can you go back to this donor with a new and similar opportunity?


Places - Where did you meet this major donor? Can you repeat this again to open up another opportunity?

e.g You went to a gala dinner and were introduced to this person who became a major donor. The organization's dinner is a place with people of a similar profile that would resonate with your project.

Can you go back again this year?


Block out 20 minutes in your schedule this week to go through your major donor list. Finding even one new potential can be super valuable. Let me know how you do?

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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