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Make Your Donor The Hero

Today, I'd like to share with you, a small mindset shift that will allow you to connect with your donors so they become more devoted supporters of your organization.

I call it 'Making Your Donor The Hero'. 

Here'a a quick quiz to see if you're already doing it.

When you have a success to share with a donor do you...

1. Tell them what a great job you and your dedicated team are doing that led to this success.
2. Tell them that all you've achieved was possible because of his support.

It's about giving the recognition for our success over to the people who fund our projects and who give us the ability to do the great work we do.

Why is this important?

Your donor wants to feel he's making a difference. That he's fixing a problem in the community. That he's making an impact in Am Yisrael.

When he's made to feels he's ‘the cause of all the good that you're doing', he'll feel connected to you and what you do.

How do we do this?

The main way is to shift from talking about what you and your organization is doing, to what he is making possible.

For example,

“Danny, because of your support, we were able launch a student follow up that is now so popular."

“Jake, if not for your investment in us, none of this would have been possible”

“Yitz, all these people were impacted because of your generosity”

“Let me share how your donation has been the cause of so much success we've seen.”

When do you do this?

Every time you might want to take recognition for yourself. This is the time to shift over to give your donor the acknowledgment of his role in your success.

Why does this work?

You're really the one sweating to make the difference. When you humbly attribute your success to your donor and give him the opportunity to be the cause of the good you're achieving, you shift up his relationship with you a notch or two.

What’s the next step?

Write down what you want to tell one of your donors today. What one success have you seen recently you'd want to brag about? Now reframe it to ‘make your donor the hero’, using words like

‘Because of you’,

‘If not for your support’

‘This is what you made possible.’

Try it today and repeat it often!

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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