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One effective way to stand out as a great organization.

Recently I did a mini experiment, donating to twelve mosdos online 'Charidy' campaigns.

I wanted to see how they thanked a first time donor to their organization. The results were not so encouraging.

Aside from the auto generated 'Thank You' email by the platform, I received only three 'thank you' emails out of twelve, from the organizations themselves!

So to be effective at thanking, step one is always to make sure you are thanking your donors!And have it come from you. Not automated from a online platform.

But how can we say 'thank you' in a way that our donors feel appreciated and want to give again?

There are a number of parts to effective thanking. The first and biggest 'bang for buck' in thanking is - SPEED.

It's key.

According to research by McConkey Johnson, first time donors, who received a personal thank you within 48 hours of their donation, were 'four times' more likely to give again!
Adopting a '48 Hour' rule, and for larger donors, even a '24 Hour' rule, makes a world of difference to increasing your success when you make your next ask.

When it comes to an online Charidy or CauseMatch campaign, there's a simple way to equip yourself to effectively to make your donors feel valued.

When you've received a ton of large, medium, small and new donors, the best way to manage the work load is a simple 'Thanking Protocol'.

This means you decide up front 'how' you'd like to thank your large, medium and smaller donors. Each require a different amount of effort.

For example,

- Donors of $500 or more, receive a personal call asap after they make their donation and follow up email from you within 24 hours.

- Donors less than $500 receive a thank you email within 48 hours.

This way, you'll make the 'art of thanking' something that makes each and every one of your donors feel so appreciated.

And next time you ask they will want to give and give again.

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,

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