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The greatest story you can tell

Having a story to tell makes you more engaging to your donors. And it makes your cause so much more real to them.

There's one story you can always share. But so many leaders neglect to tell this particular story. Which is funny, because you always have it available and it could be the most fascinating story you’ll ever tell.
It’s your 'back-story’.
A 'back-story' is the narrative of your journey that led you to become the leader you are today.
When you tell your 'back-story', it brings you and your cause to life. Because underlying what you tell are the values you stand for, the reasons why you exist, and the vision that drives and guides you.
It’s so much more powerful that just sharing the plain facts of what you do.
A well-told backstory will enamor your donors and give them a story to tell. And that will reinforce their involvement and support of you and your cause.
So who be you share your back-story with?
(Let me know if there's something holding you back from trying this out.)
B'hatzlacha raba raba,

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