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16 questions you’ll be glad you answered

When business owners work on their productivity, their vision-building, their professional skills, they’re… working on their productivity, vision-building, and professional skills.

When the head of a Torah organization works on their productivity, vision-building, and professional skills, they’re… increasing the amounts of Torah, kedusha, and chizzuk they can bring to the world.

Bottom line, if you’re a Jewish leader, it’s important to work on your productivity, vision-building professional skills. And by important, I mean to the entire world.

So. Here’s a quick list of questions to help you get clarity on how and where you can boost your organization’s productivity and success. I call it a “fundraising cheshbon hanefesh.”

How to do your cheshbon:

  • Print out this email, or just type your answers directly into it.
  • Run through the questions quickly, jotting down the first answers that occur to you.
  • When you have more time, go through the list again so you can dig out detailed answers.

Here we go:

Upgrading your vision

  1. When you envision success as an organization, what does it look like?
  2. Which 'one thing' is getting in the way of achieving this success?
  3. What can you do to remove this ’one thing?’
  4. What small step will you take today to get started?
  5. If you yourself were wealthy, would you make a major donation to your own organization?
  6. If not, why not? If yes, describe why you would.
  7. If your answer was no, what would you need to change to make yourself want to give a major gift to your own organization?

Upgrading your productivity

  1. What are you spending too much of your week doing?
  2. What are you spending too little of your week doing?
  3. What’s the one thing you’ll change moving forward so you can spend more of your week on the important stuff?
  4. What new skill do you commit to acquiring this year to gain a new level in your work productivity?

Upgrading your fundraising success

  1. Do you believe you could ask for a donation 5x the size of your current largest donation? If not, why not?
  2. Which ‘one thing’ is getting in the way of your making this a reality?
  3. Would you be shocked if a donor gave you a gift of this size? If yes, why?
  4. What ‘one thing’ would you need in order to fundraise this year at this much higher level?
  5. What will you do today to start acquiring that one thing?

How was this process for you?

Feel free to hit reply with any insights or questions that came up as you were going through this list. And, of course, don’t forget to share with me the successes you achieve because of the work you just did!

Hatzlacha Raba!


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