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3 keys to a great solicitation

It makes no difference whether it's in person, on the phone or an email/message, every great solicitation needs these three elements.

  1. Urgent, 
  2. Simple and 
  3. Emotional

Each one is essential.

Let’s look at them one by one - then I'll show you how to effectively U.S.E them in practice.


When soliciting funds, make it clear you need their donation now. Not sometime in the future.

Urgency works because donors want their donation to be valuable. Urgency means there's something at stake. Something will be won or lost depending if they give or not.

Urgency also prioritizes their donation to you, when they have multiple requests for their funds. 


Keep your request SIMPLE. Raising funds is about getting people to do something they understand. 

You don’t have to educate people or give them a lot of background. None of this really matters, since it doesn’t motivate a donor to action. 

Your request is the opportunity to show the donor how their donation will make a difference in a simple and achievable way.


The narrative you need to tell - if you want people to give - is an EMOTIONAL one. People make ‘giving’ decisions with their hearts, not with their heads. 

Talk to their heart with a problem or excite them with an opportunity. The fact is - facts and figures don’t move donors to give. Emotion does.

In Practice 

To tie this all together, here’s an example solicitation. While reading it, look out for the urgency, simplicity and emotion. 

 "When Sarah came on our program last year, it was the first time she experienced an authentic Shabbos. Because of it, she decided to learn more about being Jewish. This led to her commitment to marrying Jewish. 

   Now, she so wants to come back on our follow up program. When she takes this next step, she’ll deepen her Jewish commitment even further.

   We’ve already raised half of $100K of needed funds. By the end of this week, we need to raise $50K which will allow this program to happen.

   With your help, Sarah will be a mother to generations of connected Jews.

   Would you give her the opportunity to live an inspired Jewish life, by sponsoring her trip and others like her, with a donation of $25K towards this?" 

Action Point 

Take five minutes to write or speak out your fundraising request - with a specific donor in mind - making it URGENT, SIMPLE AND EMOTIONAL

  • What’s your simple request?
  • What’s the urgency?
  • What story will you tell that speaks to the donor’s heart?

Have a great fundraising week,


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