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4 Minute Thank You

If you're like most of us, writing thank-you notes to donors isn't at the top of your To-Do list. 

At the same time, it's clear that writing a great thank-you can be the difference between a one-time donation and a lifelong giver.

There's a simple four-step formula I use to get personal thank you's done - quicker and more successfully. In fact - in just four minutes.

One leader who used this formula in a handwritten thank-you note - was told by the donor after decades of annually giving millions of dollars - that he'd never received this kind of genuine and warm appreciation!

The best part? 

It took us a whole 10 minutes to write! After a bit of experience it can be done in four minutes. 

The four step formula needs to communicate...

  1. How you appreciate their gift 
  2. How you appreciate what their gift made happen 
  3. How you appreciate them
  4. How you care for their success.

Let’s run through these one by one.

1. I appreciate your gift

Say the words 'THANK YOU' and 'thanks' early on in the communication. 

For example,

“Dear Josh, Thank you for your generous gift. It's greatly appreciated” 

2. I appreciate what your gift made happen

Be specific in referring to what his gift made happen. 

For example, 

“Your generosity will fund our student scholarships which is so crucial to ensure the recipients get a quality Jewish education they wouldn't have had otherwise.  

3. I appreciate you

Mention specific values and traits that shine out in this particular donor.

For example, 

“Thank you for being a real mensch in your tzedakah. Your support shows you understand the challenges of and genuinely care about our next generation.”  

4. I care for your success 

End with a warm brocha. This is your chance to give back to a donor. 

For example, 

“May you see much continued hatzlacha and nachas from all the great projects you support in Am Yisrael.”

That's it!

Four simple steps to effective thanking that will add much value to your fundraising efforts. 

Have a great fundraising week. 


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