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6 Ways To Work Better At Home

‘Working from Home’ during Corona, has for many, compacted the same amount of work into less time.

This gets in the way of already challenged leadership and fundraising.

Here are some key best practices I coach Jewish leaders in, so they stay sane and ahead of their game.

1. Is it Actionable?

Only put on your 'todo' list what you can take action on. Ask yourself - Is this task actionable?

Give the task an actionable verb, that says clearly what you will do.

Call Joe Cohen to...
Edit the building proposal to give...
Email Yehuda to make a meeting about...

2. Give Actionable Dates

Add a clear date 'when' you will do the task.

A task with no hard date is more likely not to get done. We’re wired to skip over them.

And tasks you skip over clog up your 'todo' lists, reducing your productivity in your other tasks.

3. What's The Follow Up?

Since even the most basic tasks are made of multiple steps. Even a simple phone call isn’t really just a call. It needs follow up.

Once you’ve done the task, immediately add a follow up 'Next Action Step' and 'Next Step Date'.

This is there incase you don't get your desired outcome to your action. E.g You called and there was no answer. What action will you do to follow up and when?

4. Time Block

Block out enough time to do the tasks. Many people underestimate (or don’t estimate) the amount of time it will take to do a specific task.

Give a time estimate to each task or group of tasks. It will add a few seconds to your planning, but will pay back many hours in your productivity.

Add up to the minutes of estimated time for today's tasks. Then block off that amount of time in your calendar.

Your calendar is used to block out the time needed. Your todo list is to contain the specifics of each task.

5. Prioritize

If you know you have 40 minutes, prioritize what you must do. And reschedule what you can’t realistically do today. Tofasta Merubah...Less is always more.

6. Update Todo List Daily

Effective to-do lists must be updated daily.

Use an online app like Smartsheet, Asana or Todoist. It will make you more effective. If you work better from paper, then print it out.

Who knows if working from home will become your new norm. Whatever it ends up being, use it to upgrade your skills set to be your more effective self.

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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