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Artscroll's Winning Strategy You Can Use in Your Fundraising

You never know where your next donor will come from.

It started with a technical question I had - during Corona lockdown - with the Artscroll App.

Eli, from Artscroll App support, responded to my question in a clear and personal way that solved the problem.

I then replied to Eli...

As you read his response, remember it was written in the middle of the Corona lockdown with much economic uncertainty in the air.

Eli clearly believes in the Artscroll vision.

His response was spot on. He reinforced my feelings towards their great product.

But he did not stop there. He shared Artscroll’s vision and made their need crystal clear.

And then, he went even further, opening the conversation to a solicitation.

Wow - he was good - no apologetics.

Eli recognized either I or some I know could be a potential donor - that’s because everyone is a potential donor - so he grabbed the opportunity.

But was his solicitation out of place? Absolutely not.

If I'd been someone who had the means to take this opportunity, there’s a good chance I'd have taken his request to the next stage.

And this solicitation was made by an employee whose primary responsibilities are NOT fundraising!

In today’s social media driven generation - even in the frum world - building a loyal following for your organization will not happen because of your efforts alone.

Good leaders empower loyal followers.

Your closest insiders - your staff - are one of the obvious and effective places to build that following.

That's because your staff - day in day out - are connecting with people who are outside of your radar, who could become your next dream donor.

And by the way, if you or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring the Artscroll Hebrew Mishnayos App, just let Eli or me know.

I can promise it will have a massive impact in Am Yisrael.

B’Hatzlacha raba raba,


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