When it comes to some areas in life, we’ve mastered consistency. Eating. Davening. And Daf Yomi. (Name yours ________ ?)

People master consistency by forming habits. Habits create consistency.

If you master consistency in your fundraising, you're guaranteed success. Think ‘10 fundraising calls a day’ or ‘cold calling two people a day’.

We know doing so is key. So why don’t we do it?

To gain consistency in anything, we need to overcome inertia. Oftentimes, all it takes is a small shift in what we do.

Take, for example, my challenge to do Shnayim Mikra V’echad Targum (reading the weekly parsha twice with a commentary). I was constantly falling behind.

Come Shabbos - it was tedious to catch up - especially if I hadn’t even started the parsha.

And the amazing thing is, I was able to conquer this oft repeated weekly challenge with a small and simple adjustment - I moved my chumash from the bookshelf to my desk.

To quote the Dan and Chip Heath in their book, Switch— I had a ‘situation problem’.

In other words, to make a change, I needed to redesign my environment to work with, rather than against, the new behavior I wanted to forge.

What changed?

Moving the chumash to my desk where I sit down to learn. And leaving it there - staring at me daily - until it gets done.

What had stopped me up until then?

The lack of the immediate access to my needed tool - the chumash on the shelf - that I needed to do the job.

Your fundraising is no different.

If you aren’t getting your minimum fundraising efforts done - it could be as simple as bookmarking the fundraising app you use, so you can access it in two seconds rather than 30 seconds.

'When we reduce the number of steps between ourselves and the habit(s) we’re trying to build', James Clear in Atomic Habits, writes, 'we lower the activation energy needed to jump-start that new behavior, and in doing so, make habit change easier and more enjoyable.'

As we jump back after Sukkos, what ‘situational’ obstacle is getting in the way of you creating consistent habits to more effective work?

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