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Having a story to tell makes you engaging to your donors. And it makes your cause so much more real to them.

There's one story you can always share.

But so many leaders neglect to tell this particular story. Which is funny - because you always have it available. And it could be the most fascinating story you’ll ever tell.

It’s your 'backstory’.

A 'backstory' is the narrative of your journey that led you to become the leader you are today. When you tell your 'backstory', it brings you and your cause to life.

It works so well because underlying your backstory are: the values you stand for, the reasons you exist, and the vision that drives and guides you.

It’s so much more powerful than just sharing the plain facts of what you do.

A well-told backstory will enamor your donors and give them a story to tell. And that will reinforce their involvement and support of you and your cause.

Where do you start?

Where you are right now - making a difference in Am Yisrael - didn't happen by chance.
You've been influenced by people and life experiences which have shaped who you are and what you do.

In particular, there have been personal 'aha moments' that guided you to where you are today.

As you weave these individual moments together, they become a powerful expression of your own personal accomplishment and triumph - of a dream you had, or a vision or desire to make some part of people's lives or the world better.

How to create an engaging backstory?

Consider your three or four significant - however small - 'aha moments' that have shaped your life.

Clarify (with a partner) any themes that seem to run through these stories and consider why each of these had the powerful effect in guiding your life to where you are today.

That’s your backstory. Tell it. It's powerful. And inspiring.

B'hatzlacha raba raba,

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