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Conquer in Five Seconds

What are YOU procrastinating right now?

If you’re like most human beings, probably something.

Maybe you’re putting off a call to an intimidating donor. Maybe you’re not doing enough to reach out to new prospects. Maybe you’re diligently knocking down every other thing on your to-do list but that one important email.

Why do we keep putting off these important tasks? And what can we do about it?

Enter the 5-Second Rule.

Designed by bestselling productivity author Mel Robbins, the 5-Second Rule helps you vanquish procrastination and access the courage you need to step beyond your comfort zone.

All you have to do is count backwards from 5.

How does it work?

As Robbins explains, our brains are designed to stop us at any cost from doing things that hurt us. Often, when we view something as unpleasant or uncomfortable, our primal brains smell a threat of pain or harm.

To protect us, they trigger our minds to generate excuses and keep us from doing the “dangerous” task.

When we count backwards, we create a mental shift. Psychologists refer to it as “asserting control.” Taking physical action distracts our minds from thinking and getting entangled in excuses. Instead, we’re free to take a meaningful step forward.

That first step forward, Robbins adds, creates momentum to move further. When we take this step, we develop a sense of freedom, of power, that fills us with a drive to do more.

All because of 5 well-spent seconds.

How to use the 5 Second Rule: 

Follow 2 easy steps:

1. Count backwards from five: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

(This action shifts your attention from excuses or fears and allows you to focus single-mindedly on your goal.)

2. As soon as you reach ‘1,’ get started on whatever task you’ve been procrastinating.

Simple as that.

When to use the 5 Second Rule:

Right now.

Read the following questions. Choose one to answer. Then use the 5 Second Rule to make a breakthrough.

  • What important fundraising effort will you stop putting off right now?
  • What new fundraising effort will you start making today?
  • What’s something you’re lacking the courage to do right now?
  • What’s one small step you can take right now that will move you toward a desired end result?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!

Gemar Chasima Tova,



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