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Consider how this is just like that

When you buy a gift for someone what are you really buying? 

You’re not buying the gift to get the actual item, since you’re giving it away.

So when you give your money to the seller in order to purchase an item to give to someone else, what are you really buying?

Is it you're buying...

  • The simcha of giving
  • A feeling of generosity 
  • The correctness of paying back a kindness 
  • A recognition of your own social status
  • The empowerment of giving cavod to someone 
  • The chance to heal a rift
  • A deeper bond with another
  • Fulfillment of a social obligation

Whatever your motivation in gift giving, the same is true when a donor gives you a donation. He is trading his hard earned money for something extremely intangible.

Just like giving a gift, it’s not a transaction, but an experience.  

What one thing can you do this week to make your donors experience giving to you as only positive, pleasurable, meaningful and connecting?

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba


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