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Consider how this is like that

When you buy a gift for a loved one, you’re obviously not buying it to get the item. After all, you're giving it away. 

So what are you really buying?

People have different motivations when buying gifts. What’s true - for all the gifts they buy - is they're buying an experience. 

When a donor gives a donation. When he gives money to your organization, he also doesn’t receive anything.

He’s trading his money for something extremely intangible. 

Just like buying a gift, he’s parting with his money for something deeper and more meaningful. He’s giving for the experience he receives when he gives.  

What - when donors give - are they looking to receive?

Perhaps they want the ...

  • pleasure of giving
  • feeling of generosity 
  • ability to pay back a kindness 
  • recognition of their social status
  • clarity that they made a difference
  • empowerment of lifting someone 
  • deeper bond with the solicitor
  • fulfillment of a social or tzedaka obligation. Or something else?

How do we take this idea to a more practical level?

In the business world they speak about ‘customer fulfilment’. Think Amazon. Or Apple. Along with the item, the customer is buying the experience that comes with buying it.  

When it comes to donors, we need to have in place ‘donor fulfillment’

This means - every time you receive a donation - your donors experience giving as only positive, pleasurable, meaningful and connecting. 

What one thing can you do this week to enhance your ‘donor fulfillment’ experience?

Hit reply with your ideas, questions, feedback or chizuk! 

Have a great fundraising week,


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