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Dreaming but not sleeping


The Ponevezher Rav had a large vision. 

Rebuilding Torah in Eretz Yisroel - after the decimation - was nothing but the need of the time. 

And many couldn’t comprehend how one man - after his personal loss - could have such a far reaching vision. He was known to say, ‘I may be dreaming, but I’m not sleeping.’

We've now seen the realization of his vision. 

Today the landscape may be very different, but your ability to dream big and have vision is there for the taking. 

But vision alone isn’t enough. 

Money is key. 

Big money.  

The question then becomes: Where will this big money come from?

Realizing a bigger vision involves closing the gap between your current funding and the new higher level of funding you'll need. Securing new funding is the key to fulfilling your vision. 

To get there, we need what I call ‘Dream Donors’ - These are the ones who allow us to realize our dreams. 

There’s a mindset to getting a dream donor. 

The mindset is ...

'The willingness to put in the effort - even though you may not know how you'll reach your goal - whilst believing, with siata d’shmaya, you can succeed.'

It's all about the effort. And not the outcome.

You most likely won’t know how to get the dream donation - until you get there. It’s the unknown path that you have to be willing to take.

The mindset is key. Put in effort without the clarity of how you'll get there. 

It’s a fast track to get you there.  

If you want it, then shift your thinking.

First - Decide you’re actively looking for a new six-figure+ dream donation.

Make it real.

Repeat out loud, “I am looking for a $xxx,xxx dream donation to fulfill xyz vision. I don't know how I'll get there, but I will put in the effort until I do.”

Write it down. 

Get used to seeing the number.

Write a personal check with your $xxx,xxx amount on it, made out to your organization. 

Then - step into the unknown. One step at a time.

And keep putting your next foot forward. 

With this mindset, together with the determination and consistent steps you can and will get there. 

I’ve seen it happen - to those who try - and it never fails to be a great story.

Can't wait for you to share with me yours.

Have a fabulous week, 


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