There are just 10 'fundraising' days left in 2020.

There's a real and unique opportunity right now to raise funds that you wouldn’t be able to get at any other time of the year. And it needn't take much of your time.

What can really work right now - with the biggest gain - and in less time than it takes to run an email/social media/direct mail/telethon campaign is an idea called...

Call a few of my biggest donors and ask for an additional end of year gift

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Identify which of your biggest donors or your biggest potential may consider giving again now, if only they were asked.
  • Maybe you’ll have just one, or maybe three or four on your list. (This could even be donors who've given as recently as Rosh Hashanah or after.)
  • Call them. (You may want to call the easiest person on your list first, as a warm up.)
  • Let them know their investment so far this year has made a real impact. Show appreciation.
  • Then - Ask them “Would you allow me to ask you for an additional donation today?” or "Would you be open to be asked for an additional 'end of year' donation?"
  • If they answer yes, then share a specific example of what their additional gift will help you achieve right now and ask them for a specific $ amount.  

For example, “To allow us to do XYZ, would you consider a year end gift of $XX,XXX?"

This could be to cover a specific project or to finish funding the 2020 budget. It should be upbeat, and should focus on the fact that their gift will give you a great kick-off to 2021.

As with all fundraising asks - Ask for a specific $ amount. Then be silent. Wait for them to answer.

B’Hatzlacha Raba,


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