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Fanatical Prospecting

How many times have you told yourself that now is NOT the right time to prospect for new donors?

There are many good reasons why now is not the right time. Corona. Economy. Difficult to meet in person.

At the same time I’m seeing people who are prospecting and are seeing success.

If you want new five, six and seven figure donors to your mosdos Torah tomorrow, then you need a way to bring in new prospects into your organization today.


Jeb Blount, in his book Fanatical Prospecting, spent a lifetime studying the world’s best salespeople. (Fundraising and sales prospecting are super similar.)


He shares that there are generally 3 P’s getting in the way of effective prospecting.


The first P is procrastination. Putting prospecting off until tomorrow is easy. After all, prospecting is one of those things that is important, but not urgent.


You are unlikely to feel the sting of a missed day of prospecting until weeks down the road. And then you’ll put it off another day because of a program you're running, or payroll that needs to be raised, or just keeping up with your responsibilities in your organization.


Eventually the week is over and you’ve done no prospecting.


The most effective leaders make sure they (or someone on their team) is doing a little bit of prospecting every single day.


The second P is perfectionism. As a Jewish leader making a difference, your fear of failure may be high because there is so much at stake.


Because of that, many leaders feel as though they need to perfect that email or phone script before they start reaching out. And then there’s the donor research that needs just a bit more clarity.


The best leaders know that the best time to pick up the phone and call their prospect is right now.


The third P is paralysis (from analysis).

You could spend a lifetime thinking about all of the scenarios you are likely to face in a fundraising situation, but that isn’t going to fill your pipeline. But getting started and doing your best absolutely will.


The only antidote for the 3 Ps is to get comfortable with failure.


At some point today you’ll fail, and that’s ok. At some point tomorrow you’ll fail, and that’s ok.

At no point as a Jewish leader will you go a day without failing at something. Once you accept that, you are on your way.


Prospect now. Prospect consistently. You will succeed.


Have a great fundraising week.

B'Hatzlacha raba raba,


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