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Finding Your Dream Donor











What's your largest donation so far this year?

Are you actively working at getting a donor to give you a donation FIVE TIMES larger this?

To keep ahead of your game, you've got to push the boundaries of your past performance and onboard donors that will allow you and your organization to shine.

We're going to call them ‘Dream Donors’ because they allow you to realize your dreams. Dream donors help you accomplish what you didn’t think possible.

What level should you shoot for, for your next dream donor?

Aim high. If you’re already raising five-figure donations, your dream donor is a six-figure giver.

If you’re already raising six-figure gifts of $100K, your dream donor could be $250K.

What you’re looking to do is to take the next major step in your fundraising within the limited amount of time you have.

How do you begin to get a donor to give you a gift five times larger that you've got before?

To do this you’ll need the correct mindset.

Recognize you're looking for a dream donor.

When you don’t have a six-figure donation yet, it’s hard to have this mindset. You must proactively decide to have it.

Unless you’re well thought out and totally confident in your abilities, then you most likely don’t have the mindset.


Confidence in fundraising is often a result of having received a very large unplanned donation. You succeed and then your confidence shoots up.

What we’re trying to do here is to speed up you receiving a dream donation by creating the correct mindset and confidence earlier on. Almost unnaturally.

Shift Your Thinking.

Next step after you decide that you're actively looking for a six-figure dream donor is to believe that you CAN get one.

Repeat out loud, “I am looking for a six-figure dream donor for my project.”

Write it down.

Put your own personal check in your wallet with $100,000 on it made out to your organization.

Get used to seeing the number of your dream donation. Do whatever it takes to get the mindset.

100% Siata D'Shamaya.

Along with the mindset, know that only 5% is your efforts. It’s really all siata d’shmaya.

It’s all from HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

Because it’s all siata d’shmaya, then it should be easier to believe it can happen, since it’s not your efforts that will make it happen. Even so, you still have to put in the appropriate effort.

What efforts will you need to take?

The efforts are always what ‘you’ can realistically do in the time you have with the right donor potential.

It’s doable with the right attitude, determination and consistent effort over the next year to make this happen.

At the same time, be ready now. If the opportunity comes your way to make a bold dream donor ask, way beyond the level you've ever asked before, be ready to make that ask.

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba


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