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Get Heard!

Out of all the mosdos marketing messages clamoring for our attention, only a handful truly get heard. What makes those few stand out? How do they pierce the noise?

What if I told you there's a simple switch that can upgrade a mosdos’ message impact?

That switch? The voice we use.

We often drift into using what’s called the ‘passive voice’.

I see it coaching leaders, while working with them on a communications piece. While their writing may sound formal and polished, it often doesn’t pack the punch needed in our donor communications.

For example, they may say - “50 students are hoping to be sent to Israel this summer" which feels distant.

Instead, if they write "Join us in sending 50 students to Israel this summer!" it sounds more alive and energetic, and draws a donors into your mission, making them a part of it.

The ‘active voice’ is also more natural and easy to grasp. So instead of

"An after-school program for public school students is being launched"

It can be simplified to the more straightforward,

"We're launching an after-school program for public school students."

Here's another example...

"Leah's journey was transformed by your donation,"

is less vivid than:

"Your donation transformed Leah's journey."

The shift in this example, gives the donor a more emotional connection to their contribution.

For those of you - like me - who never paid attention in English grammar class - here are some super simple steps to guide you to make the shift and nail that ‘active voice’ in your donor comms.:

- Play Detective

Whenever you're reading a sentence, ask yourself: "Who's doing the action?" Make sure that 'who' is front and center in your sentence.

- Reverse It

If you've written something in a passive voice, try flipping the sentence around. Instead of "The event was organized by our team," switch to "Our team organized the event."

- Keep It Simple

Active voice thrives on simplicity. Cut down on extra words. Focus on the main action and who’s doing it.

- Practice Makes Perfect

The more you write in active voice, the more natural it will feel. Take a piece you've written in the past and challenge yourself to rewrite it using an active voice. See how it transforms!

- Stay Connected

Always keep your reader in mind. Think about how they would chat about the topic with a friend, and try to mirror that friendly, direct style.

There you have it! Follow these steps, keep an active mindset. --------> and your communications will soon be clearer, more direct and packed with energy. And the outcomes - IYH - will be so more successful.

B’hatzlacha in your all efforts.

Besoros Tovos,



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