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How do you P.O.P.-mine?

Who’s up for finding a new major donor this week?

It’s not as unlikely as it sounds. Not if you do some P.O.P. mining.

What does P.O.P. stand for?

“Person,” “Opportunity,” and “Place.”

How do you P.O.P.-mine?

By picking up a list of your major donors, choosing a name, and taking this little P.O.P. quiz:

  1. Which PERSON connected you to this donor? Or…
  2. What OPPORTUNITY allowed you to get this donor on board? Or…
  3. At which PLACE did you connect with this donor?

Answer(s) in hand, ask yourself: can you go back to that Person, Opportunity, or Place and mine more major donors?

Let’s get more specific:


Was this donor introduced to you by a connection of yours?

Who was that connection? What motivated them to make this introduction?

Do they have hakaras hatov to you? Are they a younger family member, a talmid, a beneficiary of your work? Or is there something about them that makes them particularly passionate about your cause?

How well-connected are they to other potential donors? What if you went back to them and asked for another introduction? Could they do it?


Did this donor join your cause because of some specific event or opportunity?

Are they interested in a certain type of project you ran, and so offered to underwrite it?

Can you go back to this donor or another donor with bigger potential with a new or similar opportunity?

Did they seem excited about putting you over the top during your last online campaign? Is there another donor you could ask to help you in a similar way?


Where did you meet this donor? Was it…

…At a parlor meeting hosted by someone with a particularly strong network?

(Could you get that host to hold another parlor meeting for your organization?)

…At a conference, or at a dinner for a specific cause?

(Could you head to another event by the same organizers?)

…On a particular trip or retreat you attended?

(Would going on a similar trip help you get to know similar prospects?)

So: ready to P.O.P.-mine?

  1. Block off 20 minutes
  2. Apply the P.O.P. quiz to each of your major donors
  3. Act on one (just one!) of the opportunities you’ve uncovered
  4. Email me to tell me about the new donor you’ve landed!

B’hatzlacha raba!


© Avraham Lewis & Co.