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How to Communicate Success and Get a Bigger Piece of the Donor Pie

In case you didn't realize - your donors give to other great organizations - led by talented people like you. Each of you are ‘competing’ for your donors' attention and funds.

If you were the donor - how would you decide whom to give a larger piece of your charitable pie?
Let’s focus on what you can do.

Picture yourself - as one of your top donors - planning his giving for the year ahead.

You've decided to score each of the organizations you support in the following areas.

(Give your organization a score out of five for each of these questions from the donor's perspective.)

  1. Who knows my communication preferences? Who has bothered to ask?
  2. Who genuinely shows appreciation for my giving? How often do they do that?
  3. Who makes me feel like I am making a difference with my tzedakah? 
  4. Who shares stories of people they help in a way that touches my heart? Or makes me feel like a hero? Or makes me proud to support what they do? 
  5. Who tells me stories that inspire me to share with others? What was the last story they told? 
  6. Who has shown me ‘first hand’ the difference that my funding is making happen? 
  7. Who shows me impactful pictures and quality footage that makes me proud that I backed a winner? How often do they do this?
  8. Who asks for my advice and makes me feel that my life experience is valuable to them?
  9. Who kept me feeling special and valued when times were hard and my giving dropped? 
  10. We're fast approaching 5781. Gaining the attention of our supporters is becoming more of a challenge. 

Improving your communication - in just a few of the areas listed - will make you exceptional. And your donors' support will be different as a result.

What can you do to upgrade your communication in 5781 that will shift your position amongst the leaders your donors currently support?

Please hit reply to share your quiz scores, feedback, chizuk and ideas.
B'Hatzlacha raba raba,

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