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How to do the right

thing this year

Rosh Hashanah fast approaching. One organization I know sent honey to their donors. 

When donors opened the package, many were met with a gooey honey mush on their hands. Apparently, the plastic honey bottle did not survive the post office delivery!

This much is true: If you want healthy relationships with your donors, you should do something to connect with them around this time of year.

Your donors may not need honey, but doing something personal for them will enhance their connection to you.

If you haven't already, how do you do something REMARKABLE that builds your relationships in the short amount of time you have before Rosh Hashanah?

The place to start is to clarify - What are you trying to achieve?

Begin with the outcome first.

What change are you trying to make by connecting with your donors?

Here are some examples.

I want my donors to...

  • Feel more connected to us
  • Feel appreciated
  • Feel a part of something bigger than themselves
  • Feel they made the right decision in supporting our organization.
  • Feel they want to give again
  • Feel I value them 

Remember, donors have to 'FEEL' something when they interact with you. They don't give because of their head, they give because of their heart.

Now it’s your turn.

‘After reaching out to my donors before Rosh Hashanah I want them to feel ……...’

Now - Decide what you'll actually do so you get these outcomes. Be creative and, at the same time, realistic.

Here are a few examples

I will…

  • Personally call my top donors
  • Send a personal email to all my donors
  • Send a gift
  • WhatsApp a short video wishing them a Shana Tova
  • Mail a handwritten card 
  • Deliver a honey cake

Remember, no single interaction will generate the desired outcome. You need the sum total of all of your interactions. But this one is important because it’s adding another layer to your relationship.

What could you do?

Out of these you’ve listed, what would be most ideal for your big supporters?

What would be manageable for your mid-tier supporters? How many hours do you have to do this alongside everything else you have to do? Which of the ideas are the most realistic given the time you have available?

Which one will you start today and what will you do next to make it happen?

כתיבה וחתימה טובה


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