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How to Get Your Donors to be Your Biggest Fans

Today, I'd like to share with you a small mindset shift. It will powerfully change the way your donors relate to you and what you do.

In all the work we do, there are three key players.

- Our Donors - Who give us their money.

- The People We Serve - Who benefit from the good we do.

- Ourselves and Our Team - Who do the work, using 'our donors' funds for the benefit of 'the people we serve.'

The regular way I've found most of us look at these three players is like this drawing.

The Regular Pyramid

Who is the most important group in this pyramid?

It's the people at the top.

We almost always put 'ourselves and our team' at the top because we're the ones who make it happen for the benefit of the people we serve.

All the good we do is centered around us!

For sure 'our donors' give us the funds. But WE make it happen.

When we shift our focus by looking at the same three players differently, something remarkable happens.

The Upside Down Pyramid

When we view the three players like this Upside Down Pyramid, who now becomes the most important of the three groups?

It's the guys at the top again - But this time it's our donors and the people we serve who become most important.

And by placing 'ourselves and our team' at the bottom, we will now begin to relate to ourselves and our donors completely differently.

We are just the facilitators of that good.

The focus is on 'our donors' and the good they make happen to 'the people we serve'

This is a key mindset shift we're looking to make a more natural part of our donor interactions.

It's about giving the recognition for our success over to the people who fund our projects and give us the ability to do the great work we do.

Why is this important?

Your donor wants to feel he's making a difference. That he's fixing a problem in the community. That he's making an impact in Am Yisrael.

When he's made to feel he is ‘the cause of all the good that you're doing', he'll feel powerfully connected to you and what you do.

How do we do this?

One way is to shift from talking about what you and your organization is doing, to what he is making possible.

For example,

  • “Danny, because of you, we launched this successful student follow-up program."
  • “Jake, if not for your investment in us, none of this would have been possible.”
  • “Susan, all these people were impacted because of your generosity.”
  • “Let me share how your donation led to the great success we've seen.”

When do you do this?

Every time you might want to take recognition for yourself - Remember the upside down pyramid!

It's a 180 degree shift that gives your donors the acknowledgment of their key role in your success.

Why does this work?

You're really the one sweating to make the difference!

When you humbly attribute your success to your donor and give him the opportunity to be the cause of the good you're achieving, you shift his relationship with you up a notch or two.

The end result is that your donors will feel more ownership of the impact of your organization, which will lead to increased gifts. This strategy is in YOUR best interest!

What’s the next step?

Write down what you want to tell one of your donors today. What one success have you seen recently you'd want to brag about?

Now reframe it to make him the key cause of the good you do, using words like

‘Because of you’,

‘If not for your support’

‘This is what you made possible.’

How to really make this happen?

This mindset just starts with the words you say. To make it 10X more impactful, you have to believe it to be true!

And beyond that, the ultimate level is when your staff, team, board and volunteers act with the 'upside down pyramid.' mindset.

This is how the organizations with the most committed donor base act. It sets them aside from most others.

With this mindset your donors will become your biggest fans.

They will be your ambassadors to the world. They'll go out of their way to tell others about the great work that YOU and YOUR team are doing in your community and in Am Yisrael.

Counter Intuitive for sure. But aren't the best mindsets and ideas like that.

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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