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How To Get Your Next Big Donor

More likely than mining a BitCoin, here's one way to get a new major prospect this week.

I call it POP Mining. It works like this.

With each and every major donor you already have - take this simple POP quiz.

Ask yourself...

  • Who was the ‘Person’ that opened the door for this donor’s involvement? Or
  • What was the ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Place’ that got you in with this donor?

Can you go back to the - Person, Opportunity or Place - to mine more major donors?

Let's look at this one by one.


How did this person become a donor? Who introduced you?

What motivated that person to make the intro in the first place? Did they owe a favor or did they care about a certain project?

Can you go back to the ‘Connector’ and ask them to make another introduction?


Was there a specific project or opportunity that existed that got you major support?

Could you recreate this opportunity in a similar or different way that could get major support again?

For example, if this donor helped you complete a campaign with the last 25K. Or maybe the donor underwrote an event or program.

Can you go back to this donor or a smaller donor with big potential with a new or similar opportunity?


Where did you meet this major donor? Can you repeat this again to open up another opportunity?

For example, if you met the donor at gala dinner (remember those?), simcha or event and you struck up a conversation. Or someone made the intro there. Can you go back - assuming gala dinners restart - again this year?

It would be fair to say that uncovering even one new big prospect will be extremely valuable - wouldn't it?

This week - Block off 20 minutes. Go through each one of your major donors. Take the POP quiz. Uncover your next major donor.

Have a great fundraising week.

B'Hatzlacha raba raba,


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