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How to know who will give you

a 'dream donation'?

Let's start this week with some big thinking.

Do you want a 'six figure' donation? Are you thinking this big?

Knowing who gives six figure 'Dream Donations' is an important step to in actually getting one. Looking for the right people is key.

I’ve found that your options for finding 'six figure' dream donors can be boiled down to just five types.

Here they are...

1. Mega Salary - There are people who have a minimum of $3M+ salary.

(Rough calculation - If they earn at least $3M, after tax it’s worth $1.5M. If they give away 10% they have 150K to give away. Get the idea!)

People who earn these sums are typically top in their field. They are found mainly in these sectors:

-Investment Banking
-Real Estate
-Top Lawyers and Doctors
-Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
-Corporate CEO

2. Inheritance - These are the folks who have inherited millions.

3. Sold a Business - These are the guys who are cash rich after they've built and sold their company.

4. Legacy Gift - These are the individuals who will leave your organization a dream donation in their will.

5. Trustees in Foundation - Here I mean those who are trustees on someone else's foundation. (People with their own foundations are often one of the first three.)

Take a look amongst your present donor base. Consider if perhaps you have even one person, even a smaller donor, who may be in one of these five in the year ahead.

What can you do this week to move one of these guys one step closer to become a 'six figure' dream donor in the next 12 months?

B’hatzlacha raba,


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