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How To Stop the Inertia in Your Fundraising

You've sent an email to a donor. He didn't respond. Now what?

One of the best places to drop the ball with our fundraising efforts is the unclarity of waiting for a response.

Most people, including productivity guru David Allen, in his best seller “Getting Things Done” adopt this mindset of grouping tasks that you are ‘Waiting' for a response to.

Waiting means, you did your part. You sent an email. Or you made a call. Now the other side needs to respond. Your job is to wait.

Perhaps that was true a decade ago.

But, I’ve found coaching Jewish leaders, that ‘waiting’ for a response if no longer an option.

Today a ‘waiting’ mindset will be detrimental to your successful fundraising and productive work flow.


Alongside this, many people wrongly intuit a non response to their email, call or text. They imagine negative scenarios for the lack of response. This de energizes them and freezes them from moving forward.


There is a new mindset you should adopt.


It is the Assume you WON'T get a response mindset. At least not from your first efforts.


Having this mindset becomes a game changer, because it stops you getting caught in the ‘waiting game.’


There is a simple rule I’ve created, to use together with this new mindset.


It’s called the IF NOT, Then WHAT™ Rule. It will supercharge your productivity.


It works like this. Say you email a donor to meet. Or you send an WhatsApp. Or you call and leave a message. (Who still does that?)


Instead of 'waiting' for, (and expecting) a response. First we shift our mindset to assume that a response will NOT come.


Now what?


Now kicks in the IF NOT, Then WHAT™ Rule. As soon as you send the email, ask yourself...


- ‘IF NOT’ - if he does not respond.


- ‘Then WHAT?’ - Then what will I do next? And when will I do it?


E.g We send an email. We assume the mindset of they won’t respond. Then immediately we set a ‘next follow up action step’ with next step date. E.g Email Joe to follow up on meeting request. Oct 10th.


On that date, you could forward the email from three days before, with a short note, “Joe, not sure if you saw this?” (And you will apply the IF NOT, Then WHAT™ Rule to this action also!)


Try it out. I've seen how it’s literally is a game changer in stopping the inertia that is so much a part of our day to day fundraising and productivity.

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