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How to up $1,000 donors to become $10,000 donors

If you could lift just 1 in 10 of your 'mid sized' donors to give a gift TEN TIMES more than their last gift, would that be a great outcome?

We’re talking about 'mid sized' donors who are giving between $500-$3600.

Here’s the scenario.

A certain donor has given you $1,000 for three years in a row.

You think he has the potential to give more.

What do you say that will allow him to make the jump and give you TEN TIMES more that what he usually gives?

Before you ask, prepare the donor for what you are about to do. Care should be taken that you don’t offend.

You could say something like Would you be open for me to make a higher than normal request that would make a big difference right now?"

If he's open, then make a short and solid case for support. About 60-90 seconds. Keep it simple.

Let him know...

-What you’re trying to achieve?


-Why now?

-What difference he will make?

-And ask for a specific amount - i.e “Would you consider $10,000 to make this happen?”

There are certain ways I’ve found that can help your case for support so you get a YES.

Short of Target - If you're raising funds for a certain project. And you're still short a certain amount that will allow the program or trip will happen. Then share how much you still need.

Or it could be in your matched giving campaign. You're $10,000 short of your target. There's one hour until the end.

“I'm just $20K short of the target, I only have a few more people to approach. Would you give us a massive boost and allow us to reach our goal with a $10K donation?"

Before a Campaign is Launched - You could tell this donor, we'd love to go to our donors and tell them we are already 50% of the way there. “Could you give us a lead gift of $10,000 to kick of this specific project?”

Matched Gift - You could ask this mid tier donor to become the matcher in your upcoming campaign and share how this will leverage so many others to give.

Remember, more donors will say no than yes, but that's ok. And when you get a YES, it will taste so sweet!

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