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I’m. Too. Busy.

Most of the Jewish leaders I work with are just a little bit busy.

Ok, much busier than that.

They know fundraising is crucial. But they also have about 750 other things to do every single day, so fundraising efforts often go neglected.

Sounds like you? Wish you had a way to get on top of your fundraising responsibilities without wreaking havoc on the rest of your to-do list?

It comes down to this: setting yourself a number for the consistent minimum effort you’re going to put each day towards fundraising.


Technically, you could make endless fundraising “moves” – endless calls, emails, texts, meetings, thank-you notes, etc. – every day. You’ve got limited time, so you aren’t going to do that.

But you do need to make sure you’re doing enough every day.

How do you know what “enough” is?

Here’s a simple rule of thumb, using the word “נותן” – noten.

Rules of the game:

Ask yourself: are two or three fundraising “moves” a day enough?

Answer yourself: No!

Ask yourself: Ok, so how much IS enough?

Answer yourself: Ten!

If you want your donors to give – נותן – you need to make ten “moves” every single day.

*Ten? But Avraham, I’m really busy. I can’t swing ten a day.*

It doesn’t have to be exactly ten. Maybe the right number for you is six or seven. Or maybe you can really do more – twelve, fifteen, etc.

As long as your number seems to be the right answer to this question:

What are the minimum amount of ‘moves’ I need to make daily to
1. grow my relationships with my existing supporters, and to
2. get new donors on board?

Once you’ve chosen your number, make a commitment. Yehareg ve’al ya’avor, you’re going to make x moves every day.

This becomes your ‘scorecard’ number you will keep track of each and every day.

And then find someone who can hold you accountable to that commitment.

So. How many daily moves will you be making?

Hatzlacha raba,


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