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Outcomes First

I’m often asked “What can I DO for my donors to build great relationships?”

There’s a simple way to answer this question and decide what to do.

I call it Outcomes First

It's how you become remarkable at relationships. First, decide the outcome you want from what you'll do. Then work back from there and decide what to do. 

You may be thinking the outcome's simple, “I want to raise more money.” 

But that’s not the outcome we’re speaking about. We're talking about the change we want to happen after we do something for our donor.

Here are some examples.

I want my donor to...

  • Feel more connected to me
  • Feel appreciated
  • Feel a part of something bigger than themselves
  • Feel they made the right decision in supporting our organization
  • Feel they want to give again
  • Feel I value them 

…and then they will give more. 

Remember, donors have to 'feel' something when they interact with you. They don't give because of their head. The give because of their heart.

Next, you'll need to decide what you'll actually DO so you get these outcomes. Be creative, but don’t let it get in the way of doing something. 

Being remarkable is really as simple as consistently giving donors some or all of the outcomes we listed above. 

Here are a few examples

  • So that my top 30 donors feel more connected to me, I’ll call them before the upcoming Yom Tov to share my appreciation of their support. 
  • So that my campaign ambassadors feel appreciated for their efforts, I’ll send them a candy platter with a hand-written note. 
  • So that my best donor feels a part of something that's making a difference, I’ll invite him to see first hand the impact of his funding of our work in the community.
  • So that my best donors feel they made the right decision in supporting our organization, I’ll get a student/talmid/staff member to call them and share how their donation has impacted them.
  • So that all my donors feel they want to give again, I’ll email an update to share why ‘because of their support' we were able to accomplish all that we did.

Remember, no single interaction needs to be remarkable for you to get your desired outcome. 

It’s the sum total of all of your ongoing interactions that counts. The next interaction is important because it adds another layer to your relationship. 

Now it’s your turn. 

‘After having made appropriate efforts to connect with my donors I want them to feel...




Next, decide what you will do - in the realistic time you can put in - to get one of those outcomes for a segment of your donors.

Have a great fundraising week, 


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