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Rav Tzaddok HaCohen's amazing eitzer for fundraising

Did you ever wonder when a poor person asks you for tzedaka in shul, you give a small donation. And when the poor come to your home, you give then multiple times more than in shul?

What's the difference?

Rav Biderman shared a Rav Tzaddok HaCohen zt'l. He explained - In shul, the poor person does not expect to get too much and that's the reason they receive a small donation. When he comes to your house, he expects more. And therefore he receives more!

Rav Tzaddok is saying, the size of the donation you receive is based on your expectations!

That's amazing.

Your expectations determine the amount the donor is going to give you.

Lift your expectations. Set your sights higher. Think big. Believe that with HKBH's help anything is possible. And you'll receive more.

Practically speaking, how can we apply this Rav Tzaddok to our fundraising?

- What's your current comfort level ask amount from your biggest donors?

- What amount would make you uncomfortable?

- Even though you ask big, do you really believe when you ask, that you will get that amount?

- What can you do to lift your expectations?

- What's holding you back from lifting your expectations?

My brocha is that you imbue this Torah insight of Rav Tzaddok and lift your expectations for the sake of your projects, organizations and the good of Am Yisrael.


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