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Rav Tzadok HaKohen's

Fundraising Insight

Did you ever wonder why people give small amounts when a poor person asks for tzedakah in shul.

And if he comes to a person’s home - he receives multiple times more than in shul. What's the difference?

Rav Tzadok HaKohen brings an simple yet profound insight.

In shul, the poor person doesn’t expect much. That's the reason he receives a small amount. At your house - he expects more. Therefore he receives a larger contribution.

The poor person's expectations, Rav Tzadok is saying, determine the amount he receives!

So too, in your fundraising.

Your expectations will determine how much you raise.

Believe that with HKBH's help anything is possible.

Think BIG.

Lift your expectations.

Set your sights higher.

And you'll receive more!

This idea works well with another Rav Tzadok in Tzidkas HaTzaddik,

'Just as a person needs to believe in Hashem, so too, afterwards, he needs to believe in himself.’

Practically speaking, here are a few questions to help you apply this Rav Tzadok to your fundraising.

  1. What's your current comfort level high 'ask amount' from your biggest donors? 
  2. What 'ask amount' would make you uncomfortable?
  3. What's the real challenge here for you to you lift your expectations so you receive this 'uncomfortable' amount?

May you imbue this Rav Tzadok insight to successfully lift your expectations for the sake of your organization and the good of Am Yisroel.

Have a great fundraising week.


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