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Rescue Time - 10X Your Fundraising

The 10X Rule

The challenge that all Jewish leaders encounter in growing their organizations to the next level is the realization that they'll need to raise much more money to get there.

That’s a donor who has an extra zero on your current largest donors. For small to medium mosdos, think going from $15,000 to $150,000.

The 10X Rule says if you want to gain a new 10X donor, then you’ll have to put in ten times the effort you’re putting in now.

Yes, ten times!

To do something you’ve never done before needs space and time—it’s the only viable way to generate ideas and make them a reality. But where do you get extra time?

Rescue Time

The first phase is to rescue time.

Most leaders are busy within their organization—putting out fires, dealing with programs or staff, and keeping up their existing fundraising.

But getting a 10X donor into your organization needs productive time, away from day-to-day distractions.

Productive Time is the time you spend to move your organization forward to the next level of success.

In fundraising, that time is spent clarifying strategy and effectively reaching out to get 10X donors into your organization.

But how much of your time is currently devoted to this?

Maybe you only average a half hour of productive time a day. In that case, if you rescue one hour, you’ve literally tripled your productive time. Almost anybody should be able to rescue an hour of productive time in a day.

Let's say you rescue two hours. You just quadrupled your productive time.

Use Leverage

The first step to rescue productive time is to identify the obstacles that get in the way of that productive time, and make a plan to rescue it.


On a fundraising level, on an organizational level, what’s getting in your way?

  • What takes too much of your time?
  • Can you do it differently?
  • Can you delegate it to someone else?
  • Can you stop doing it with minimal loss?
  • Can you automate it?
  • Can you introduce technology to speed it up?
Create SOPs

One idea to leverage your time is to create SOPs (standard operating procedures)—step-by-step instructions that break down multi step tasks. You can then hand off these time swallowing tasks to others.

This can literally free up hours for you.

I’m working right now with a client on doing just that. It’s an exciting journey of discovery: cataloguing all his responsibilities across the organization, deciding what can be delegated, and creating simple SOPs for his team.

With every session, we make breakthroughs, increasing his clarity in understanding all he does within the organization that is preventing his focus on productive time. It’s liberating. Our efforts will rescue hours of time for him each week.

Once he does that, he’ll be about to really figure out a serious plan to 10X his fundraising—and then actually have the headspace to make it happen.

Transforming an organization will take transformative effort. Are you ready to use the 10X Rule? Can you reclaim the time to make it happen?

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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