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Rosh Hashanah Touch Point  

Start with the outcome first

From today there's just three weeks to plan and roll out your Pre Rosh Hashanah donor efforts.

So how do you do something remarkable?
The first place to start is to clarify - What are you're trying to achieve?
Always start with the outcome first. Here are some examples of outcomes we want our donors to come away with from our efforts.
We want our donors to -
-Feel connected to us
-Feel appreciated
-Feel a part of something bigger than themselves
-Feel they made the right decision in supporting us
-Feel they want to give again
(Remember donors have to 'feel' something good when they interact with you. They don't give because of their head, they give because of their heart.)
What outcomes do you want from this Pre Rosh Hashanah donor interaction?
List your top three.
Next - Decide what you'll do to achieve those outcomes. Will you email, send a gift, make a video, call on the phone, visit, invite to an event, host, mail a card ect. Be creative and at the same time realistic.
What will you do? Come up with at least three ideas?
Out of these, what would be more ideal for your big supporters. And what would be manageble for your less big supporters?
How many hours do you have to put into it alongside all your other responsibilities?
One funny word of warning - One organization I know send a bottle of honey with a warm and appreciative message and brocha. When the recipients opened the package they were met with a gooey honey feeling because the honey bottle did not survive being mailed!
As always, hit reply and shower me with your ideas, questions, comments or just to say hi!
B'hatzlacha raba,

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