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Share Your Vision So It Inspires Action

Imagine today you'd meet someone of influence. Someone who could connect you with a dream donor. Can you, with a passion, share what you need and why?

You're in the business of inspiring others to take action. To do this well, you'll need to share a vision of WHAT WILL BE when you have those funds.

Your vision is a description of the world (your community, city, demographic) as it would exist when your organization succeeds, using these funds, in its next growth stage?

Share in a vivid way, what this will mean for the people your touch each and every day.

You may be thinking - We need to cover a deficit! How can we make that sound inspiring! Having a bank balance in deficit is real, but you need to reframe.


When you describe how the lives or experiences of those who you help will be be different when you get the funds you need it will help you.

This is because a reframed clarity of vision will also make you more energized. And raising the funds will become more simply an expression of your desire to achieve this clear vision.

So let’s get practical. How do we translate 'sharing your vision' to actually getting the funds we need?

There are TWO STEPS to inspire action from others. To get donors and people connected with potential donors to move towards helping you.

STEP ONE, is called a 'SOFT SHARE'.

This is where you’re sharing vision to ‘plant a seed’ in the head (and heart) of the person you're speaking with.

Example 1. "When we get a new six figure donation this year, it will give us a significant step up in our abilities.

The needed lifeline to providing vitally needed intervention for our boys. When they start succeeding, there is nothing more meaningful to see.

These boys, coming from a place of major challenge, will become connected and contributing members of the community.

Not only that but, their parents will regain their lives. And will experience a long overdue nachas from their sons. More than that, their siblings will get their parents back.

It takes just one six figure donation to make that happen this year. That's what I need this year to make this a reality."

Example 2. "If we can get a new six figure supporter on board this year, will can expand our space by 50%. This will be massive for us.

We have so much going on. If we can rent this adjoining location, we can welcome more people through our doors. More often.

We are the only Jewish connection for most of the families who come to us. It will mean an additional place which can be used to start a Sunday school. And give more women’s classes. As well as a beginners service. A place for a Partners in Torah.

It will make us a hub for the Jews in this community. And give them a home away from home. We just need one six figure donation to make that happen this year. How does this sound to you?"

This soft share can be used to plant a seed at this stage. To gauge reaction and interest. It can be then used a later date together with a 'call to action'. Or the soft share can be followed up immediately with a 'call to action'.


This is where you Share Your Vision and END IT with a clear ‘CALL TO ACTION’. As with the examples we’ve just given, but with an ending that asks something from the person you're speaking with.

E.g "….Is there perhaps one person you can introduce me to, who could give us a six figure gift to make this a reality?"

E.g "….Is this something that you could see yourself being a part of? Could you do that by making an intro for me to …..?"

And start sharing with those who are close with you, on your side, who can give you feedback and confidence.

As always, let me know how it goes.

B'Hatzlacha raba raba,


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