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Simple, spontaneous and successful

Fellow list member and former mentee, Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld, who heads the outreach organization kii-NYC, shared (with permission) a valuable success he saw this past week.

This is what he wrote. (lightly edited by me)...

Hi Avraham,

I did something yesterday- that I wanted to share. It was very "Avraham Lewis esq"!

In short, after learning the Daf Yomi yesterday, I texted a few donors who I thought would appreciate it.

The text:

"Hello Joe, I hope you're enjoying the 4th of July long weekend and that you and your family are well.

I'm not sure if you're a Daf Yomi person., but today's Daf has a list of beautiful accolades for one who gives tzedaka.

It made me very emotional, and I feel blessed to be connected to you—someone who truly cares and loves to give. You're a real inspiration."

The response was BLOW away!

People who don't usually respond and typically don't make "small talk" were clearly very moved.

So I widened the circle and sent it to another 30ish people. The response was similar!

I could totally see it in one of your emails.

Good Erev Shabbos! Good Erev Chodesh,


I love Reb Moshe's donor touchpoint!

He scored a clear home run based on the response he received from his donors. Here are a few of my take-homes from his donor interaction.

- The first is to use what is happening around you as the springboard for your donor interactions. Reb Moshe did so simply and well.

Keep your eyes open for these opportunities every day. These make the best personal donor interactions.

- The second is to try out an idea with a few people. If you see it works, expand it to a larger group.

- The third is that the most effective touch points are often not planned but spontaneous, short, personal, and packed with a very human element.

- Fourth, his touch point is all about the donor and nothing about his organization. Don't get me wrong; his organization is doing great work, and there is a place to update your donors. Still, most donors appreciate recognition and appreciation far more than hearing about your accomplishments.

So, excellent job, Reb Moshe. Thank you for sharing.

Have a great week,


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