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Summer Fundraising - Five ideas you can do for your major donors?

It's summer. You're away or your donors are away on vacation.

If you want to keep your big donor relationships relevant, adding some personalized interactions or 'touch points' right now makes a big difference for a small investment of time and money.

Below are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Think out of the box. The benefit of this effort will come right back to you sooner than you think.

If You're Away

- Send a postcard. Write to your top donors and send snail mail. Make it personal and warm. "Thinking of you from xxxxxxxxxx, Wishing you a great summer, ect."

- Buy a gift that shows you're thinking of them. Here are a few gift ideas that some of the great people I work with have bought for some of their big donors in the last few weeks.

1. One donor likes the Jerusalem Post, so he bought him back a copy.

2. Another donor enjoys Israel history. He received a reprint of the 1948 New York Times on the declaration of Independence, which he found in a Ben Yehuda gift shop.
3. Another likes chatzkas from Guela. He received a wooden challa board that flips over into a bread basket!
None of these gifts cost more that $30. But they all did something that money can't. They created connection, because 'you' thought of them.
- If you are running a program in the summer, make a video of the participants saying thank you mentioning your big donor by name. Make a personalized version for each of your big donors. Or get the participants to write personalized thank you notes.
Where ever you are, you can make it meaningful.

If Your Donors are Away.

Find a way of giving to them from afar.
- Get something special delivered to their hotel or apartment erev shabbas with a warm note and brocha.
- Or even a simple erev Shabbas text when they're away is more impactful.

- If they're in Israel, can you email them some info (restaurant, place to visit, experience,) that could be enhance their stay?

- Can you set them up to see a Gadol? (Email R' Arele Pessin to set that up at Or if you're in Israel get a brocha for them or daven for them at Makomos Kedoshos and let them know.

What will you do this week with at least one of your top donors?

Think about - What do they like? What can you do? What should you do? What idea do you have already - who would that be good for?

Have a great summer - and successful donor interactions.

As always, hit reply and shower me with your questions, comments, cheers, and jeers!

B'hatzlacha raba,

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