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The 5 Second Rule - This Simple Tool will Get you to Overcome Blocks in Work

For many of us, there’s an almost inbuilt inertia to some of the tasks in our work.

When it comes to the important efforts we should be doing, those that are not immediately urgent, but will build our fundraising or our organization for the future, procrastination easily sets in.

This is where ‘The 5 Second Rule’ can really help.

'The 5 Second Rule' is a best selling book by Mel Robbins. She shares a simple and useful idea that will help you combat procrastination, increase productivity and help you be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone.

You'd use The 5 Second Rule in your fundraising when you're...


  • Putting off making a call to a certain donor
  • Not making enough efforts to reach out to a new potential
  • Avoiding having that difficult conversation with a member of your team
  • Feeling unmotivated to organize your day so you’ll be productive
  • Getting busy with other things instead of writing that important email or proposal

With the 5 Second Rule - All you need to do is count backward from 5.

‘The 5 Second Rule’ gets you to act. It eliminates the possibility of coming up with more excuses by acting instantly.

It’s very simple, with just 2 steps:

  1. Count backward from five, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. By counting, you stop focusing on any excuses, fears or distractions and focus on the goal.
  2. The second you reach ‘1’ you take action, you move, you get started, you take action.

It really is so simple and effective. As soon as you start counting backwards from 5 you’ll find that your mind will slow down, and you’ll be ready to leap into action as soon as you reach 1.

Robbins explains that you create a mental shift when you count backwards. Psychologists refer to this shift as “assert control.”

By counting backward, you distract yourself from any excuses, and your mind is free to move forwards.

By taking physical action rather than pausing to think, your action falls into place and your mind quickly follows.

Robbins, like many other productivity authors, believes that taking one simple step forward will drive momentum and prompt you to keep going.

You’ll also establish a sense of freedom and power that is essential to keep the momentum going and fill you with the drive to do more.

Answer just one of the following questions. Then use the '5 Second Rule' today to make a break through.

  • What in your fundraising would you like to stop putting off this week?
  • What would you like to start doing this week?
  • What are you lacking courage in right now?
  • What small step will you take today, using 'The 5 Second Rule', that will get you moving toward the end result you are looking for?

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba with all your efforts,

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