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Use Apple's Marketing Genius In Your Organization

In this rediscovered 1997 presentation, Apple’s Steve Jobs gives us one of the clearest explanations of effective marketing that you'll ever find.

It was given when Jobs returned to the helm of Apple. He shares the behind the scenes of a new ad campaign to rebuild the Apple brand, which at the time was on the brink of collapse.

You may be thinking - and rightly so - what relevance does this have to me and the organization I lead?

Let me explain.

Marketing , for nonprofits, is primarily the way you communicate with your donors.

Many mosdos Torah use their marketing resources to communicate numbers and programs, facts and outcomes, or what makes them different from other organizations.

Steve Jobs' presentation cuts through to the point of how to communicate to your people. You share your core values.

Jobs is making the point that if you know WHO you are as an organization, and if you express it in a way that resonates, then you have an ability to connect on a much deeper level with your donors.

This is a key to get through our present situation and come out the other side, stronger, and more relevant to those you serve.

Now if giving over core values is the key to success for consumer products, like Apple and Nike - the gashmius she b’gashmius - then for your organization, just imagine the potential.

Right now there could be nothing more valuable.

In case you're wondering, the follow up relaunch of Apple, after Jobs' presentation, focusing on their core values, saw one year later, Apple’s stock price triple.

That was ‘97-’98. The rest is history. Job’s, was able to transform Apple to become one of the most successful brands in the world.

Here’s the Jobs' presentation

B'Hatzlacha raba raba,


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