In between your donors giving to you and your cause, your job is to give back to them.

If you can create opportunities to give something valuable to your donors, you will stand out among the crowd.

Giving back to your donors enhances your relationships and positions you for future success. And it need not take too much of your time.

So what does this look like in practice?

Well, Pesach is fast approaching. Each chag provides a wonderful "excuse" to call your donors and wish them a "chag kasher v'sameach."

As you're making your calls this year, I'd like to add one idea that could transform the way your donors relate to you.

The idea is to ask your donor to share a d’var Torah with you. That's it. Give them a platform to talk about their ideas about Pesach.

Most people, even less observant Jews, have something meaningful to say when you ask them to share their thoughts for Pesach.

You might want to ask them to share their wisdom in a way that helps their thoughts flow.

For example: “Jake, when you’re sitting with your family at your seder (like we’ve been doing for millennia), what message do you want to share with your children/grandchildren? What is meaningful about this chag for you?”

This touchpoint works well because you, the Jewish educator, are asking them, the donor, to share their thoughts. You are empowering the donor, allowing him to talk about what he finds important.

For bonus points, write down what they say. Next year you can remind them what they said the year before!

It’s a good idea to have your own Torah thought to share, if needed. Your main goal is to listen, but, in my experience, they may ask you to share your insights as well.

To put this plan into action, decide today - right now! - who you are going to call? And when are you going to do it?

For those you don't reach, prepare an email, text, or WhatsApp as a follow up to send them your Yom Tov wishes.

Give them your attention. They will appreciate it and realize how rare a gift that truly is.

A chag kasher v’samayach


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