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I call it the Rav Dessler Concept.

November, 1941. The world was at war. England was living in fear of the Nazis, lurking just across the water in France. Food was being rationed. Money was scarce.

Against that backdrop, R’ Eliyahu Dessler founded the Gateshead Kollel.

Each week, he traveled throughout the country soliciting donations from a community whose top priorities did not include funding a new educational institution. Not only were these Jews squeezed by war; they had zero familiarity with the concept of kollel. Married men learning Torah full time? Absurd!

And yet, special Jews stepped up and supported him.

Eighty years later, we see what his vision became. Counterintuitive as it seemed, it was gadlus.

Those special Jews who supported Rav Dessler became spiritual billionaires.

And Rav Dessler himself? His reward is unimaginable.

All because he dared to dream. Dared to act against the apathy of the time and fight for Torah.

Today, a select group of heroes have chosen to follow in his footsteps.

YOU are one of them.

In the last few years, with vision and daring, you’ve guided your organization through challenges. We still face an unstable world, yet you persevere.

As a Jewish leader, you’ve confirmed that you are a giant.

So do yourself a favor:

Moving forward, when you speak with donors, speak to them as the giant you are.

With awareness of your greatness.

With confidence in your vision for the future.

They want to hear your passion. Your assurance that you will do ALL you can to actualize your vision.

Forget the self-doubt. Your job is to act on your passion. To keep building without looking back. To lean into your greatness.

But what if I don’t feel quite so great?

You’ll find your answer in Rav Dessler’s Michtav M’Eliyahu:

   “In wartime, promising candidates are taken from the ranks of ordinary soldiers and turned into officers in a fraction of the time normally required. 

So too, in times such as ours, when capable men are scarce, anyone who shows willingness to tackle a vital problem has divine assistance heaped upon him.

Hashem turns the incapable into successful men, not because they deserve it, but because the world needs them.”

You’ve shown your “willingness.” Now it’s time to put in your effort, and await siyata d’Shmaya.

To act as though your vision is guaranteed. To expend every effort in your leadership and fundraising work, so your dreams become reality.

The Rav Dessler Concept. Let it guide you.



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