Sometimes when we speak with our donors, to give an update, to share 'what's going on', we may sense they're not as interested as we want them to be.

Why is this?

You may have shared - What makes your project different - Why you’re great at what you do - What’s special about your ‘new approach’ - Why what you’re doing is the call of the moment - What amazing success you're seeing.

So why is the donor not as engaged in what you're saying as we want them to be?

Turn the tables and see what's it like to be a donor. When what we share is less focused on the donor and more centered around us and our organization, the interest level drops.

If you were to look inside the mind of your donor, you may see a different list of priorities of what he wants to hear from you. He may say some of the following - 

- "Share with me what you've achieved with my money?"

- "Explain how because of my support, you were able to make a difference?"

- "Let me know why I made the right decision to support you?"

- "When we speak, let me know that you understand why I give and what I care about."

- "Let me feel, through my support, that I am part of something greater than myself."

- "Know my values and show me that you’re putting my values into action."

- "Make me feel appreciated for what I've helped you do"

This list was centered around the donor and what was achieved because of him. (not you!)

When we communicate with our donors, and do so in a way that makes primary the connection between the donor and your success - You've succeeded at being 'donor centric.'

Try and add some more donor centricity in your conversations this week and let me know how you get on.

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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