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What's You're Largest Possible?

How do you raise beyond what you thought was possible in your next fundraising campaign, so you make even more of an impact?

I call it the ‘Largest Possible’.

It works like this. With all the right efforts and conditions for success...

What is the 'Largest Possible' campaign you will aim to pull off this time?

Think Big. With all the right elements in place. What is a very bold goal for you?

There is normally a number that springs to mind. If you did a $300K campaign, it could be $400K, if you did a $600K campaign, it could be $1M.

And if you know you did everything possible in your last campaign and you raised $200K, then maybe your ‘Largest Possible’ is $225K.

Whatever your ‘Largest Possible’ is - NOW is the time to make it a reality.

Verbalize it. Speak it out. Write it out.

e.g 'My ‘Largest Possible’ goal in our next campaign, will to be raise _________'

If you're in. If you feel committed to what you’ve decided, and it may be take a few days or more, then share your 'Largest Possible' goal with others.

Share it with your staff, your team, your board. Get your internal stakeholders to buy in first.

Share your 'Largest Possible' with your donors, alongside your overall vision and outcomes that this 'L.P.' amount will allow you to achieve. (You can and should do this between soliciting them for funds.)

Making it real to yourself through sharing it with others, is the beginning of it becoming a reality. (alongside much tefilla.)

If you've been able to express your 'Largest Possible' already, you've done exceptionally well. If you haven't managed to articulate your 'LP' goal yet, then make it something you will revisit until you do.

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