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What's Your Point?

How to Bullet Point Fundraise.

The donor is in his forties.

He gave $25k last year to a Bais Yaakov, and the school wants to up his donation to $50k this year. He’s a smart businessman who wants to see his donation making a difference.

The challenge is they can only get to speak with the donor once a year. He’s not going to meet. Not right now. Corona.

But their campaign is in three weeks. They need him as a matcher. They can’t wait. They’re forced to make a solicitation on the phone.

Phone solicitations are not ideal. But if you need to raise funds you may have no choice right now.

How do you succeed? One approach I call ‘Bullet Point' Fundraising could help.

It’s based on a golden rule: When you present your case for support on the phone - be VERY to the point.

Not just that, there are only a certain amount of points you can make. Otherwise you risk losing the donor's attention and funding.

When you stay to point, you gain the donors trust and respect. Valuing his time is a priceless relationship builder. And most importantly your points are heard.

Bullet point fundraising works well with an existing donor whose more businesslike than into relationship. You know the type!

Here’s how it works in practice, when the phone meeting has been scheduled in advance.

Your first objective - after you say hello - is to find out how much time he is giving for the call. Your pre-prepared six point pitch should be no longer than three minutes. Even less is better. :)

Once your clear on the time available, get quickly to the point of the conversation, by saying something like,

   “Joe, Your donation made a real impact in the school last year. This is how…”

Now make up to three short points. One by one. Keep each point up to twenty seconds in length. (Before the call, write them out in full. Practice. They need to be 'to the point', but at the same time, talk to the heart.)

Next, share up to three reasons how his support in the year ahead will make a real impact for your organization.

   "Joe, in the year ahead, your continued support will allow us to make a massive impact. This is how..."

Same as before. Make those points - in bullet point format - pausing between each one. Make each point in up to 20 seconds.

Now it’s time to make the solicitation. But before you do, you’ll need to check in with the donor to clarify if he has any questions or objections that need to be resolved before you make the ask.

'Bullet Point' fundraising needs great preparation.

The better you prepare, the more powerful your points will be. And when a five, six or seven figure gift is at stake on the call, the preparation will pay great dividends.

And if you're wondering, the Bais Yaakov donor said yes to the $50k using the Bullet Point method!

Have a great fundraising week.

B'Hatzlacha raba raba,


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