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Your #1 Asset Right Now

I'm in awe of the Jewish leaders I'm privileged to work with.

They've shown enormous resilience and adaptability, pivoting their organizations’ in so many ways since Purim.

At the same time, to thrive moving forward, there’s something more needed.

Jewish leaders who've built something significant in the past century, had this trait in common...

A deep connection to their core purpose.

These are the values and beliefs that made them the people to be filling their role.

When you connect with your core purpose, you’ll be solid and unstoppable, whatever the challenge you’re being thrown into right now.

How can you strengthen the connection to your core purpose?

In its most compelling form, it’s made up of three key parts.

  1. Your Story
  2. Your Vision
  3. Your Plan

Each of these are really interwoven with each other.

‘Your Story’
This is your personal narrative of 'why' you took on the role you are in today.

Why me? Why this?

Knowing it will give your confidence to fight harder for what you believe in.

This is because your story is built on your unique values and experiences that make you - you.

Your story makes you fascinating.

It’s a glue to connect to others in a deeper way than just sharing ‘what’ you do.

And when you do, you will come across as real, confident in your role, which will build trust in the eyes of your supporters.

‘Your Vision’
With so much in flux in the world, you most likely will have been questioning what the future will hold for your organization. And what your role will be in it.

This is where connecting to your vision is key.

Your vision is the end goal. The biggest outcome possible of what you’re trying to achieve in your role.

The virus, although unprecedented, in the context of your vision, is only an obstacle in the way to this end goal.

By clarifying your vision, you'll re-engage with your purpose.

It will make you more solid as a leader, able to withstand the challenges you are presently facing, because you’re clear what you are shooting towards.

Having vision, even with an unclear future, is an important step to getting through our present reality.

And clarity at this time will make you stand out to donors, who will be prioritizing who they will be supporting moving forward.

‘Your Plan’
These are the actions you’ll take to make your vision happen.

Having a plan will give you the focus and step by step clarity to keep moving forward despite the challenge.

Your plan right now may simply be the steps you will take to get through the next six months. That’s understandable.

To your donors, it shows you’re thought out. You mean business.

Your plan should be clear and simple. On one page is possible.

With a clarity on Your ‘Story’, ‘Vision’ and ‘Plan’, you’ll be unstoppable. Your donors will intuitively know you are someone they want to invest in.

Use the questions below to kick start your connection to your core purpose.

‘Your Story’

  • What’s your personal story that led you to do what you do?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • And ask yourself ‘why’ again, to uncover the why of what you think is important.

‘Your Vision’

  • What is your boldest vision you can imagine… something that if you couldn’t fail and money wasn’t an issue, you are shooting for?
  • Write for 10 minutes, just letting the words flow, in no order, what this vision looks like.

‘Your Plan’

  • If you were fully funded, what do you intend to achieve in the next 3 years?
  • What $ amount will you need to get it off the ground?
  • Using bullet points, what will you need to do to get the funding you need to get your through the next six months.
  • What is the smallest thing you could do about this, this week?

B'hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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