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Your Donors -

Simple Pre-Pesach Idea

When donors give, you should give back. And not just gifts.


You have to literally create giving opportunities for donors. It's the thing that will enhance your relationships and position you for future success.


With Pesach fast approaching - what does this look like in practice?


Each chag provides a wonderful 'excuse' to give to your donors. Calling them to wish them a 'happy Pesach' or 'chag sameach' is a small way of giving back.


As you make your calls this Pesach, I'd like to share a giving idea to transform the way your donors relate to you.


This idea is simple - Ask your donor to share a d’var Torah with you.


That's it. Give them a platform to talk and share a Pesach thought.


Most people, even less observant Jews, have something meaningful to say when you ask them to share their thoughts for Pesach.


Here's how you do it.

For example: “Jake, when you’re sitting with your family at your seder this year, what message do you want to share with your children/grandchildren?”


This touchpoint works well because you - the Jewish leader/educator - are asking them, the donor, to share their thoughts. You're empowering them to talk about what they find important.


For bonus points, write down what they say. Next year you can remind them what they said the year before!


It’s a good idea to have your own appropriate Torah thought to share, if needed. Your main goal is to listen, but, in my experience, they may ask you to share your insight as well.


To put this idea into action, decide - Who are you going to call? And when?


For those you don't reach, prepare an email, text, or whatsapp as a follow up to send them your Yom Tov wishes.


Gift your donors your interest and attention. It's priceless.


A chag kasher v’sameach


P.S An additional donor gift idea is this just published, Haggadah Companion

Based on the teachings of Rav Reuven Leuchter, written by Rabbi Levi Lebovits of The Vaad Project, it's a donor gift you can personally share, that shows you care. Enjoy.

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