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Your Greatest Moment

As you reach out to your donors this erev Pesach, here's an idea that will transform the way your donors relate to you and your leadership.


I call it 'The Rav Dessler Concept.’


It was November 1941 that the Gateshead Kollel opened with Rav Eliyahu Dessler at it’s helm. The world was in the middle of war, and Rav Dessler took on the dual role of teaching Torah and raising funds.


Each week, he travelled throughout England soliciting donations. A kollel was a foreign idea to English Jews at that time. Married men in full time Torah learning was almost unheard of.


And not just that, but the kollel opened in the height of instability in England. The Nazis, ימ”ש, were just a few miles across the water in France. Food was being rationed. Money was in short supply.


Almost eighty years later, we see what his vision became. However counter intuitive it seemed at the time, with hindsight, we see it was gadlus.


What would we give for the zcus of any of those Jews who supported his endeavors. They became spiritual billionaires.


All because Rav Dessler and those who established the Gateshead Kollel dared to dream. They were bold enough to act against the apathy at the time.


This is each and every one of you today. Raising money in our current reality for something you believe in. Something you’ve already invested so much of your kochos into.


In this time of instability, you’ve most likely pivoted your programs or services, quickly adapting to give your students, talmidim or those you help, the leadership and wisdom they need right now.


You are the ones driving this change forward. And your rewards will be immeasurable. Right now, as a Jewish leader, you are a giant, a true hero.


When you speak with your donors this erev Pesach, speak from the rightful place you occupy, with an awareness of your own greatness and with a confidence in your own vision for the future.

You anticipate being around for the long term.

You donors want to hear from you a confidence that you will do ALL you can to make your organization's future a reality. Your role is to act with a passion to get you through this difficult tekufah. 


In the introduction to the Michtav Eliyahu, Rav Dessler writes an extraordinary idea;


“In war time, promising candidates are taken from the ranks of ordinary soldiers, and are turned into officiers in a fraction of the time normally required.

So too, in times such as ours, when capable men are scarce, anyone who shows willingness to tackle a vital problem has Divine assistance heaped upon him.

Hashem turns the incapable into successful men, not because they deserve it, but because the world needs them”


Your job right now is to put in the effort.


The Almighty is pulling the strings. You have to act as if the solution is already prepared and work hard towards making this future a reality through your leadership and fundraising efforts.


Hatzlacha Raba Raba. A Gut Yom Tov,


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