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Your Opportunity Is Now

You will be remembered by your donors after we get through this trying time...not by what you did to pivot your organization in the last month...but how you communicated your efforts.

Donors are also going to ask themselves where you were during this chaos.

Were you there for them when they were vulnerable? And did you touch their lives in a memorable way?

Your donors will remember your small acts of kindness. What you do and how you communicate counts. Now is your chance to shine.

So, what can you do now that Pesach is over and real life begins?

How can you create a lasting good memory for your donors in this time of challenge, instability and loss?

The answer is simple. Reach out personally to your donors. Call them.

Show concern for how they are doing. More than that, this is the time to dive into those conversations that will create closeness and trust with your donors.

Now is the time to build long, lasting relationships that will endure beyond this crisis.

When you reach out, they will ask you how you are and how your organization is managing. Be honest and let them know.

Be clear on what you have done or will be doing. And, very importantly, tell them what you are unclear about.

Trust is created when you say you don’t know. Show vulnerability. But show leadership and vision at the same time.

As you move the conversation to them, be curious, not because you need their funds, but because you genuinely care.

Listen to your donors. Really listen. Validate their feelings. And show empathy.

Ask them questions. What are your concerns? What are you worried about? How is your family coping?

Take an emotional risk to give your donors something that others are not. Provide that emotional support that others have avoided.

Set aside time each day to reach out to your donors.

Call even your smaller donors, those with whom you may not have spoken to for a while.

In your fundraising, the key is to keep moving.

Don’t over think. Reach out and be there for your people who have been there for you.

Yes, you have needs. And you’ll have to communicate those needs with those who can help you right now.

But when it comes to your long term success, make sure you are spending a good deal of energy and time with a focus on others. On giving. On leading.

This will be what will power your organization when we get through this.

Hatzlacha Raba Raba.


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