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5 second challenge: Are you in?

My client, Reb Nachi, emailed me…

“This was fantastic. I made 5 calls with ease and made 3 large asks!”

What sparked this radical transformation, igniting his drive and helping him conquer his fundraising lethargy?

Enter the lifesaving tool - ‘The 5 Second Rule.

What are YOU hesitating to do right now?

Is it putting off making a call to a certain donor?, - Or not making enough effort to reach out to new prospects?, - Or avoiding introducing yourself to a potential donor at a function?, - Or feeling unmotivated to organize your day so you’ll be productive? - Or getting busy with other things instead of writing that important email or proposal?

Why do we hesitate on such essential leadership tasks? And how can we overcome it?

The '5 Second Rule' arms you with the power to squash hesitation and muster the courage needed to step out of your comfort zone.

The magic lies in counting backward from 5.

How's that helpful, you ask?

Well, bestselling author Mel Robbins shares, our brains are wired to shield us from anything perceived as uncomfortable or painful.

So, when you consider delivering that tough feedback or reaching out to that large donor, your brain senses potential discomfort and starts building a fortress of excuses to keep you from confronting the task.

Counting backward confuses your brain just enough to create a mental shift, psychologists term as “asserting control.”

This simple action of counting distracts our brains from weaving a web of excuses, freeing us up to take that significant step forward.

And guess what? That initial step forward kickstarts a momentum, leading us further down the path. Taking this step gives us a sense of control and empowerment, fueling us to take more such steps.

All it takes is 5 purposeful seconds.

How to use the '5 Second Rule':

It’s as simple as one, two, or rather, five, four, three, two, one:

Count backward from five: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

(This action refocuses your attention from excuses or hesitations, enabling you to concentrate single-mindedly on your goal.)

As soon as you hit ‘1,’ leap into action on that daunting task you've been putting off.

As straightforward as it gets.

When to utilize the '5 Second Rule':

This very moment.

Ponder over the following questions. Pick one to address or insert your own. Then employ the '5 Second Rule' to initiate a breakthrough.

  1. Which critical communication will you stop delaying right now?
  2. Who on your team deserves immediate feedback?
  3. Which creative idea will you act on right now?
  4. Which (more difficult) donor will you reach out to today?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Leap!

Have a great (fundraising) week,


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