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What if you could make $50k in a three-minute phone call?

There was a Bais Yaakov who was gearing up for a matching campaign three weeks’ away.

The year before, one of their biggest donors (at $25K) had been a certain impossibly busy businessman. This year, they wanted him to serve as a matcher. They also wanted him to up his gift to $50K.

But they weren’t going to be able to meet with him. He was just too busy.

Thus, they were stuck making their solicitation over the phone.

Now, as you probably know, phone calls are NOT an ideal way to solicit major gifts.

But what if, like this Bais Yaakov, you’re stuck? What if you have no other way to make your ask?

Go ahead and do it. And - make sure to follow a method I call “Bullet Point Fundraising.”

I’ve based this method on the ancient (well, not too ancient) wisdom that advises: when soliciting over the phone - be VERY to-the-point.

Best for donors who value business more than relationship, BPF dictates that you need to be fast. And brief - you need to make a limited amount of points.

If you’re fast and brief - you show your donor you value his time. And you get your points heard.

If you aren’t - you lose your donor’s attention (and, probably, his check).

A couple points on Bullet Point Fundraising:

  • Step 2: Ask how much time your donor is planning to spend on the call. You’re going to be presenting a pitch that’s no longer than three minutes. But still, it’s good to ask.
  • Step 3: Get to the point right away with a statement like “Joe, your donation made a huge impact on our school last year. Here’s how…” Then share three points elaborating on that, pausing between each one. Remember - no point should be longer than 20 seconds.
  • Step 4: Move on to your next point: “In the year ahead, your continued support will allow us to accomplish incredibly important things, like…” Once again, elaborate with three up to 20-second points.
  • Step 5: Check in with the donor to make sure you address any questions or objections he might have.
  • Step 6: Make the ask. Quickly and confidently.

That’s all, folks.

But… I bet you’re wondering where Step 1 went.

Step 1 doesn’t happen on the call. It happens beforehand.

It’s preparation.

The more time and effort you put into crafting your six points, the more powerful your pitch will be. And when you’ve got five, six, or seven figures at stake - you’ll want to prepare pretty well.

Curious about whether Bullet Point Fundraising works?

Well… that Bais Yaakov we mentioned earlier? They used BPF - and got their $50K. (In under 3 minutes! Efficient, no?)

Have a great week,


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